Texas STEM School Certification

A Roadmap

STEM education equips students with tools that accelerate learning, engagement, innovation and discovery to acquire skills necessary for the future. The Texas STEM School Designation recognizes schools as a model of effective teaching and learning. The STEM Certification process provides a “roadmap” for schools to successfully implement a STEM education plan at the local level. Our curated tools and resources define the attributes necessary for a school to create a comprehensive STEM learning environment for its students. A school that receives Texas STEM School Certification will be recognized and invited to share promising practices during the Annual Texas STEM Conference. All PK-12 Schools are eligible to apply for STEM Certification.

Certification Process

Designation Process Graphic

Step 1: Self-Assessment

Develop a STEM Leadership Team – It is recommended that schools interested in applying for STEM Certification develop a STEM Leadership Team that includes administrators and lead teachers.

Complete the Self Assessment – The STEM Leadership Team assess the current level of STEM implementation based upon the attributes within the STEM Certification Rubric. Teams should complete all sections of the self-assessment and submit that document in the form below.

Schedule the Initial Phone Interview – Our staff will contact schools that submit their self-assessment through the interest form below. An initial phone call will be scheduled to discuss the self-assessment responses and next steps of the application process.

Step 2: Submit Application

Applications are due on a rolling basis. Please email your completed application document with live links to info@txstem.org. Once the applications have been thoroughly reviewed, a Texas STEM Coalition member will reach out to you with the results and next steps. administrators and lead teachers.

Step 3: School Site Visit

School site visits will be conducted to follow up on specific elements and questions generated from the self-assessment and portfolio review. School site visits will only be conducted for schools that are being considered for STEM School Certification based on outcomes of the review. The school will be notified four weeks in advance to create a schedule for the visit.

Certification Resources

STEM Certification Self-Assessment

Complete the STEM Certification Self-Assessment with your STEM Leadership Team to assess the current level of STEM implementation.  The assessment aligns with essential components of the STEM Certification Rubric.   Teams should complete the self-assessment and submit the document to info@txstem.org as part of the certification process. 

STEM School Certification Application and Rubric

The Texas STEM School Certification application packet includes rubrics to identify and define the STEM essentials and levels of implementation within a well-rounded STEM program.  Use the STEM rubrics to guide your responses on the application, including narrative responses and artifacts.

STEMified Learning Template

This template has been approved by the Texas STEM Coalition and incorporates the essential components of a high quality STEMified learning.  The template comes from A Blueprint for Developing a STEM Program.

2019 STEM Certified Schools

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