School Support

The Texas STEM Coalition is dedicated in their efforts to improve K-12 STEM Education. The Texas STEM Coalition provides support to schools and districts in their efforts to implement effective STEM program by providing professional development opportunities and technical assistance.

Technical Assistance and Professional Development

STEM School Recognition

Schools and/or teachers may be nominated for Recognition by the Texas STEM Coalition that effectively implement quality STEM teaching and learning practices to ensure that students are college-ready, career-ready, and life-ready. STEM Designated Schools are honored each year at the Annual Texas STEM Conference. To nominate a school or teacher click the link below.

Program Evaluation

The Texas STEM Coalition offers STEM Program Evaluations to review the extent to which the campus has developed and implemented a sound, operational, and aligned STEM program that positively affects student achievement.

Grant Proposal Development

The Texas STEM Coalition helps schools to develop high-quality grant proposals.  We offer detailed support and guidance across all stages of the grant process, including the initial proposal, budgeting, reporting, compliance, and implementation.

Personalized Professional Development

The Texas STEM Coalition supports schools to implement effective STEM programs through relevant and personalized professional development, including instructional coaching, leadership development, on-campus staff development, and resources for building a STEM program.

Free Engineering Challenge

Click the link below to access a free engineering challenge.

The Covid-19 Engineering Challenge


The Texas STEM Coalition is a GLOBE partner. Click on the links below for more information on what GLOBE has to offer.

How Do I Receive Services?

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Get Out The Facts!

The Texas STEM Coalition is a Get out the facts partner (STEM Teacher Recruitment)

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