The Texas STEM Conference is celebrating 15 years of bringing together STEM Educators from across Texas and the United States.

To commemorate 15 years as the premier STEM Conference in the state, we invite you to join us in San Antonio or virtually for the STEM “Quinceañera” Celebration.

The Texas STEM Conference brings together hundreds of educators (PK–12, all content areas) each year to learn innovative approaches to teaching and learning, cutting-edge technologies, and STEM best practices.

The conference will be held as a hybrid where participants can either attend in-person at Region 20 ESC in San Antonio or online via Cvent.

In addition to traditional STEM Education topics and workshops, the 2022 Texas STEM Conference will also focus on accelerated learning, hybrid learning, and other strategies conducive to STEM teaching and learning.

Attendees will have access to all conference sessions for 60 days after the conference.

Texas STEM Conference

Celebrating 15 Years of Leading Texas in STEM Education

February 25 – 26, 2022

Region 20 Education Service Center

San Antonio, Texas






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In-Person Attendee COVID Announcement

The Texas STEM Coalition is committed to making you feel safe and comfortable at the 15th Annual Texas STEM Conference. Region 20 ESC has taken necessary precautions, based on CDC and local health authority guidelines, to ensure that the ESC facility is well-maintained when you visit so that you can focus solely on your learning!

By attending conferences and events, you acknowledge there is an inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 in any public space where people gather. We expect all attendees to follow the CDC guidance and all posted instructions to ensure the health and safety of our attendees and staff. 

If you are experiencing symptoms, have COVID-19, may have been exposed, or are waiting for COVID 19 test results, please stay home. 


  • Wear a mask
  • Maintain social distance
  • Wash your hands
  • Stay home if you are sick

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Featured Keynote Speakers


Suzie Boss

Suzie Boss

Opening Keynote: "Maximize Impact with Authentic STEM Projects"

Saturday, February 26, 2022 – 8:45 AM – 9:45 AM

Suzie Boss is an author and educational consultant who has worked with educators around the globe who are shifting from traditional instruction to real-world project-based learning. She is the author of more than 10 books, longtime contributor to Edutopia, frequent conference presenter, and PBLWorks National Faculty emeritus. Her newest book, Redefining Student Success: Building a New Vision to Transform Leading, Teaching, and Learning, co-authored by Ken Kay, focuses on how schools are designing innovative learning experiences that build students’ readiness to tackle future challenges.


Carol Fletcher

Carol Fletcher

Plenary Session: "Putting the T in STEM"

Friday, February 25, 2022 – 12:00 PM – 12:50 PM

Dr. Carol Fletcher is Director of EPIC (Expanding Pathways in Computing) at UT Austin’s Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC) where she oversees research, advocacy, and outreach projects such as WeTeach_CS. She is PI for two NSF projects focused on broadening participation in computing, the Equity in Computing Education Policies, Pathways, and Practices (ECEP) Alliance and Accelerating Women’s Success and Mastery in CS (AWSM in CS). Dr. Fletcher is a former middle school teacher and an elected Pflugerville ISD School Board Trustee from 2001 to 2019. Her experiences as a teacher, policymaker, and researcher fuel her passion for bridging the gaps between education, workforce, and policy.

Plenary Session: Putting the T in STEM

In 2020, almost 1 million computing jobs went vacant in the U.S. due to a lack of qualified applicants. Yet that same year, less than 5% of Texas high school students took any kind of computer science (CS) course. How is your district ensuring that preparation for STEM careers includes exposure to computer science (CS)? How is CS related to other STEM careers? This session will help teachers and administrators understand CS related career opportunities, what does and doesn’t count as computer science in schools, and how to build a robust and diverse K-12 computer science program in their district that will prepare ALL students for post-secondary success in STEM.

Cindy Moss

Cindy Moss

Lunch & Learn: "Preparing Your Students for the Future with STEM"

Dr. Cindy Moss taught high school Biology, Chemistry and Anatomy for 20 years in Syracuse NY and Charlotte NC before becoming the PreK-12 Director of STEM for the Charlotte Mecklenburg School system. She won the Milken National Educator Award to finance her doctorate in STEM Curriculum and Instruction from Curtin Institute of Technology in Perth, Western Australia. Her STEM track record includes decreasing the achievement gap on the NC state tests in reading, math and science for low socioeconomic students and increasing teacher retention and graduation rates that led to the Eli and Lily Broad Award in urban education for the district. Dr. Moss served as the VP of Global STEM for Discovery Education for 10 years where she met with Ministries of Education from around the world as a global advocate for STEM teaching and learning for All students. She has presented in 48 states and 33 countries with 10,000+ presentations over the past decade. Dr. Moss was named 1st of the top 100 Women Leaders in STEM by STEM Connector and US News and World Reports; 1st of the top 100 Women in Diversity in STEM by Diversity Matters; and 1st of the top 25 Business Women in Charlotte by the Charlotte Business Journal. She is currently the VP of Innovation at Defined Learning and is helping schools/districts adopt high impact strategies such as Project Based learning (PBL) to transform teaching and learning. In her spare time, Dr. Moss loves spending time on Mountain Island Lake, hiking with her husband and dog, riding her bike, playing the French horn and singing in her church choirs.

Lunch & Learn: Preparing Your Students for the Future with STEM

In this session participants will be exposed to data to add to their toolbox to convince school/district leadership that STEM teaching and learning should be for all students. They will learn about exciting jobs for students with problem solving skills that require less than 2 years of college and provide them with an engaging career that provides benefits to provide them with a good standard of living. They will see how PBL is the best infrastructure to use to provide students with the opportunity to develop their problem solving skills. They will leave inspired to move forward in their STEM journey!


Friday, February 25, 2022

8:30 AM – 11:00 AM

Choose from four special pre-conference events happening concurrently on Friday morning.


LOCATION:  CAST Med High School, 2601 Louis Bauer Dr., San Antonio

There will be three visitation rotations to choose from: 8:30 AM, 9:30 AM, and 10:30 AM. Travel will be on your own. Campus tours will be approximately 30 minutes.


CAST Med was created to add to the pipeline of much-needed doctors and researchers in the San Antonio area. CAST Med builds on San Antonio’s unique strengths and current educational gaps with an emphasis on medicine and biomedical research. UT Health, with its research expertise and growing focus on population health and health disparities, is a key partner helping design a path for students wishing to improve the health of our community. CAST Med will incorporate a three-way educational partnership between UT Health, the University of Texas at San Antonio and San Antonio ISD.

Students enrolled in CAST Med will follow one of three pathways: Biomedical Research, Medical Professionals, or Public Health Professionals

SEMINAR: "Make Math Stick with Get More Math - FREE School-Year Pilot Offer"

Region 20 ESC – Zavala

Presented by Shelly Pelton & Josh Britton

Sponsored by Get More Math

Prepare to take your math scholars to the next level with Get More Math! As new concepts are introduced in your classroom, GMM gradually builds an on-demand interleaving spiraled review, individualized for each student! GMM is TEKS-aligned (grades 3-11), allows just-in-time intervention with real-time data and makes every assessment actionable! Leave prepared to implement Get More Math in your classroom Monday morning. Test it out 30 days for free, with an option to extend through July 31, 2023!

SEMINAR: "Math Intervention with Coding and Robotics"

Region 20 ESC – Uvalde

Presented by Hutch Hutcherson & Jeff Hescox

Sponsored by Barobo

Barobo, Inc. has developed a ground-breaking supplemental curriculum and technology aligned to the TEKS that is using 21st century “hands-on” project-based STEM learning. We focus on Math as the gatekeeper to STEM skills while concurrently using Robotics and Coding in conjunction with any Math textbook. Increasing Math Proficiency leads very young elementary students to understand Computer Science concepts which unlocks the pathway to Engineering and vastly increases the STEM to STEAM skill set in Elementary School. These skill sets are then magnified as the students’ progress to Middle School and High School. Come to this session to learn more about our solution!

SEMINAR: "Transforming Teaching and Learning with PBL and STEM"

Region 20 ESC – Wilson

Presented by Dr. Cindy Moss

Sponsored by Defined Learning

In this session participants will be exposed to data to use to increase participation in STEM by teachers, students, schools and districts. They will see the types of jobs available to students with problem solving skills. They will do a deep dive into STEM teaching and learning with PBL, so they leave having experienced it. They will have the opportunity to share with other TX educators doing STEM, and will leave with access to high quality, digital resources for PBL and STEM


Join us for “A STEM Night at the Museum” at the San Antonio Museum of Science and Technology (SAMSAT) on Friday, February 25th between 6:00 PM and 9:00 PM!

Network with other conference attendees, tour the museum, and enjoy finger foods!

SAMSAT, 102 Mabry Dr., San Antonio

Travel is on your own!

Our Commitment to STEM Education

The Texas STEM Coalition works to prepare all students to contribute to and thrive in the 21st century global economy through leveraging its extensive network of expertise, partnership, and resources in order to:

  • drive transformation and advancement in teaching and learning
  • promote the implementation of innovative, research- and standards-based STEM practices that align with College and Career Readiness objectives, and
  • inspire teachers throughout Texas and the Southwest to continue to encourage excellence in their students


The Texas STEM Conference accentuates the importance of and facilitates collaboration among educators and stakeholders in supporting student success.

Attend the 2022 Texas STEM Conference

Drive transformation and advancement in teaching and learning; Promote the implementation of innovative, research- and standards-based STEM practices that align with College and Career Readiness objectives, and inspire teachers throughout Texas and the Southwest to continue to encourage excellence in their students.

All individuals from anywhere are welcome to attend this conference.

Door Prizes

Visit each Exhibitor in the two Exhibit areas.

Collect one door prize ticket from each Exhibitor.

Place your tickets into the big door prize container in the Exhibit Hall before the drawing.

The winning tickets for the Door Prizes will be selected at the end of the conference on Saturday, February 26th at 4:00 PM.


Door Prizes include:

Air Pods Pro

$200 VISA Gift Card

Oculus Quest 2 Virtual Reality System

Ender 3D Printer

And many more great vendor door prizes!!

Thank you to our PLATINUM Sponsor!


Why Attend the Conference


50+ diverse, in-depth STEM breakout sessions from 100+ STEM Educators and Leaders


Collaborate and grow your network. The conference brings together leaders and innovators from throughout Texas and facilitates connections.


The conference will take place in-person in San Antonio and online, allowing you to learn distantly.

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